Training Delivery Officer

Training Delivery Officer
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General Description:
The Training Delivery Officer (TDO) reports to the Delivery Operations Branch Chief of the Training Delivery Division (TDD) or to a designated supervisor domestically, or to the Resident Program Manager abroad. The TDO is responsible for DS/T/ATA course delivery in one or more highly specialized subject matter areas to host countries in order to enhance their antiterrorism skills. The specialized subject matter areas may include, but are not limited to, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE); mass casualty incidents investigations; senior crisis management; explosives countermeasures; homeland security; maritime security; academy curriculum and training enhancement; law enforcement management; protection of national leadership; police information management; police tactical operations, firearms, and motorcades; K9 programs; infrastructure security; and, unique and highly specialized topics. The TDO conducts needs assessments abroad and provides quality assurance and evaluation of training delivery. The TDO also participates in the development of plans and daily operational roles associated with the delivery of law enforcement, antiterrorism, counterterrorism, and protection training and other courses and senior foreign official consultations, as directed by DS/T/ATA management.
Major Duties:
+ Under the broad direction of the DS/T/ATA/TDD Division Chief, the TDO oversees the delivery of assigned training courses by planning, reviewing, and managing day-to-day operations to ensure successful delivery. The TDO reviews, manages, and assigns resources needed to deliver assigned training products that fulfill the training needs of host countries. May audit deliveries of training products on a scheduled basis to ensure they meet defined learning objectives and DS/T/ATA guidelines and prepares reports documenting the audits for DS/T/ATA management. Manages all operational and administrative aspects of the assigned training delivery activities.
+ Oversees, coordinates, and monitors all operational components of a full-cycle training portfolio related to the delivery of law enforcement, antiterrorism, counterterrorism, and protection training courses to assure DS and the Department meet their goals and strategic objectives for training of, and capacity building to, host countries. Conducts needs assessments abroad, provides quality assurance, and evaluates results that enhance host country antiterrorism skills. May serve as the most senior DS/T/ATA representative at training facilities to ensure the appropriate response to emergencies, including training accidents and unauthorized departure of participants from training venue.
+ The TDO is the authoritative subject matter expert (SME) in one of the specialized subject matter areas for the training delivery of assigned portfolio. Expertise is a perishable skill that diminishes over time; therefore, the TDO may be required to consult with persons, agencies, or institutions having specific current knowledge or expertise relevant to the product and/or conduct research of published materials and internet resources.
+ Conducts quality assurance for training delivery of assigned portfolio and may perform periodic inspections of training delivery operations. Monitors course effectiveness and utilization and recommends program improvements to DS/T/ATA/TDD management.
+ Provides direct support to the assigned portfolio by preparing and tracking correspondence, reports, and briefing materials and attending training delivery meetings. Maintains course and staffing schedules, budget and financial ledgers, equipment inventories/orders, and program files to ensure the successful completion of the DS/T/ATA mission. Assists in the development, revision, and competency mapping of course materials.
+ Confirms country clearances and arranges all logistical and administrative support to instructors prior to training teams? arrival at training site abroad. Ensures appropriate documentation is obtained for the instructors, reviews travel arrangements, and requests travel advances. Manages logistical and administrative support for training, including lodging, transportation, and interpreter services. Coordinates with the DS/T/ATA/TDD Cyber Programs and Administrative and Logistics Unit to procure specialized equipment and supplies and ensure expedient delivery to the training venue.
+ Oversees, assigns, and reviews the work of delivery team members to ensure accurate and timely delivery of training products that consistently attain the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. Ensures training delivery is technically sound in accordance with approved curriculum. Provides authoritative technical guidance to team members, represents the team in coordinating activities of mutual interest with other DS/T/ATA and DS entities, and reports team activities and accomplishments to DS/T/ATA management. Develops and maintains course delivery schedules and ensures compliance by contractors and training delivery team.
+ Reviews, in coordination with the Resources, Budget and Support Staff (DS/T/ATA/RBS), all International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) items associated with training activity delivery to ensure proper documentation by TDD Logistics.
+ Prepares a synopsis of the After-Action Report(s) (AAR) written by the lead instructor for distribution to DS/T/ATA personnel, highlighting strengths and deficiencies to be addressed prior to the next offering. Ensures AARs are received and distributed to DS/T/ATA management in a timely manner.
+ Establishes a mutually beneficial networking and relationship-building rapport with both senior- and mid-level host country officials to encourage them to support the DS/T/ATA training program and assist in achieving sustainability.
+ Prepares scope of work and task order requests and reviews vendor cost proposals and invoices. Monitors the execution of allocated funds. Assists the DS/T/ATA/TDD Operations Coordinator (OpsCo) with ongoing issues related to DS/T/ATA/TDD operations, vendor compliance, and vendor quotes from inception to delivery of purchase orders. Liaises with DS/T/ATA/RBS and the Training Management Division (DS/T/ATA/TMD) to assist with the procurement, delivery, and management of equipment inventory and/or equipment shipments for training and donation to host countries.
+ Coordinates with the DS/T/ATA/TDD Program Analyst (OpsCo) to procure instructors, equipment, and training activity facilities. Monitors and evaluates performance and suitability of each for consideration when planning future similar DS/T/ATA courses; coordinates with the Training Curriculum Division (DS/T/ATA/TCD) to fulfill the latter duty.
+ Provides authoritative guidance to the contractors providing the training and technical services to ensure content and quality of program delivery meets determined needs. Evaluates the performance of the instructors and SMEs while training is being delivered to the host countries.
+ Ensures funding documents associated with the work of the DS/T/ATA/TDD course delivery program for assigned portfolio are properly reviewed and certified for funding availability. Monitors the status of available funds, commitments, obligations, disbursements, accrued expenditures, unpaid obligations, and unexpended obligations. Ensures all obligations are met and unobligated funds are reprogrammed, as appropriate. Briefs the DS/T/ATA/TDD Division Chief on the financial status, identifies potential funding issues, and recommends course of action for resolution.
+ Keeps abreast of emerging technology, trends, and developments, and best practices in adult education, capacity building, and training delivery to assess best methods and incorporate into the DS/T/ATA training program.
+ Assists the DS/T/ATA/TDD Division Chief in the preparation of position papers and action memoranda and the development of training delivery policy for senior DS/T/ATA management.
Professional Qualifications/Skills:
+ MUST be US citizen and possess or be able to obtain/maintain a SECRET clearance;
+ Bachelor's degree is required from an educational institution accredited by an accreditation body or a state approval agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education or five years of experience in administrative management in a federal agency or an organization providing security, public safety, law enforcement services or training;
+ Must have effective interpersonal skills for interacting with various subject matter experts and-differing levels of US and foreign officials (for the latter, cross-cultural sensitivity is crucial), and for exchanging information and coordinating cooperatively his/her work with that of others inside and external to ATA;
+ Must be highly organized with good oral and written communication skills (in order to prepare cable formal correspondence, and various reports) and demonstrate success in performing in fast-reacting, adaptive workplace where flexibility and self-initiative are expected;
+ Knowledge of State Department administrative management, international politics, or law enforcement, travel coordination and events preparation are preferred qualities;
+ Must be willing to work outside normal business hours to meet various deadlines associated with conducting training activities in developing nations;
+ Demonstrated facility using Microsoft XP versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook is required.
Job Location
Dunn Loring, Virginia, United States
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We respect diversity and accordingly are an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, age, disability or handicap, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, veteran status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws (?protected status?). Our management team is dedicated to ensuring the fulfillment of this policy with respect to recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, training, compensation, benefits, employee activities and general treatment during employment.

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